Ms Hex Bolt

The MS Hex Bolt is a versatile fastener with a hexagonal head, allowing for easy installation and removal with a standard wrench or socket. Made from mild steel, it offers excellent strength and durability. This bolt is ideal for a wide range of applications, from general construction to machinery assembly, ensuring reliable and secure connections.

  • Material: Mild steel
  • Coating: Zinc-plated or plain finish for corrosion resistance
  • Head Type: Hexagonal head for easy wrench application
  • Strength: Suitable for light to medium-duty applications
  • Standards: Conforms to DIN 933 specifications

Product Details:

Bolt Type Hex Bolt
Material Mild Steel
Surface Finish Painted
Head Type Hexagonal Head
Shape Round
Drive Type Internal Wrench Across Flats
Color Silver
Locking Mechanism Relies On External Nut
Thread Type Full Threaded
Disassembly Requires Separate Nut To Be Loosened
Thickness 5-10mm
Availability Available In Various Sizes, Lengths
Applications Furniture Assembly, Machinery, General Construction
Special Considerations Requires Proper Bolt Length And Nut Selection
Advantages Easy To Use, Reusability, Non Breakable, Lightweight, High Tensile Strength
Manufacture By Wahid Traders
Origin India

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