Self Locking Nuts

Our Self Locking Nuts are engineered to deliver optimal locking performance without the need for additional tools or locking devices. These nuts feature a unique design that creates a prevailing torque when tightened, effectively preventing loosening caused by vibrations or torque. They are easy to install and provide a reliable and durable fastening solution.

  • Material: Stainless steel or high-grade carbon steel
  • Locking Mechanism: Nylon insert for vibration resistance
  • Coating: Zinc-plated or plain finish
  • Thread Type: Metric and imperial threads available
  • Applications: Prevents loosening in high-vibration environments

Product Details:

Type Nuts
Material Steel Or Stainless Steel
Drive Type Hex Wench
Head Style Hexagonal Head For Tightening With Wrench
Thread Direction Right-hand Or Left-hand
Finish Matte
Threads Internal Threads That Create Friction Against The Bolt Threads
Locking Mechanism Internal Design Creates Friction To Resist Loosening
Assembly Torque High
Reuse Reused If Not Worn Or Damaged
Applications Engines, Machinery, Applications With Vibration
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Cost More Expensive Than Standard Nuts
Function Secure A Threaded Connection
Supply By Wahid Traders
Country Of Origin India

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