B72h Stud Nut

B72H Stud Nut Alloy steel metallic fitting instruments that are widely used for tightening screws for commercial and industrial purposes.  It acts as a fastener in mechanical assemblies to secure threaded studs or bolts. Its price and quality of the material are valuable to the customers so that they can be fixed its need ability according to their preferences.

  • Material: High-tensile alloy steel
  • Coating: HDG for superior corrosion resistance
  • Thread Compatibility: Matches B72H studs precisely
  • Strength: High mechanical strength for heavy-duty applications
  • Standards: Meets ASTM specifications

Product Details:

Type Nut
Material Steel
Color Black
Nut Type Hexagonal Nut (grade 2H)
Pattern Solid
Thread Size Corresponding To The Stud Thread Size
Surface Treatment Heat-treated
Strength B7 - High Strength
Installation Requires Screwing The Stud Into A Tapped Hole From One Side
Reusable Yes
Disassembly Requires Loosening Nut And Then Unscrewing Stud
Storage Dry, Controlled Environment
Drawbacks Requires Separate Purchase Of Nuts
Benefits Offers A Versatile Solution For Creating Threaded Connections
Cost Generally More Expensive Than Standard Bolts
Manufacturer Wahid Traders
Country Of Origin India

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