High Tensile Grade 10 Nut

The High Tensile Grade 10 Nut is a heavy-duty fastener designed for applications that necessitate exceptional strength and reliability. Crafted from premium-grade materials, this nut offers exceptional tensile strength and resistance to deformation. Its Grade 10 rating signifies that it meets the highest industry standards for strength and performance. The nut's robust design and precise threading ensure a secure fit and reliable fastening. Whether you're involved in heavy machinery, infrastructure projects, or industrial equipment, the High Tensile Grade 10 Nut is the optimal choice for your high-strength applications.

  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Strength: Grade 10 for high tensile applications
  • Coating: Zinc-plated or black oxide finish
  • Thread Type: Precision threads for secure fit
  • Standards: Meets ISO 898-2 specifications

Product Details:

Type Nut
Material High Tensile Steel
Height Standard Heights Range
Hardness 50 HB
Strength High
Size Varies Depending On Application
Thread Type Coarse Thread
Marking Grade Marking (10) On Chamfer Or Top Face
Finishing Galvanized Plated
Pattern Solid
Not Recommended For Dynamic Or High Fatigue Loads
Application Commercial, Machinery, Construction
Features Easy To Use, Elegant Design, Reliable, Non Harmful, Durability Etc
Manufacturer Wahid Traders
Origin Country India

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