High Tensile Spring Washer

The High Tensile Spring Washer is an indispensable component that guarantees secure and reliable fastening in high-stress applications. Manufactured from high-tensile materials, this spring washer exhibits excellent resilience and resistance to deformation. Its unique spring-like design generates tension between the fastener and the surface, maintaining constant pressure and preventing loosening caused by vibrations or thermal expansion. Whether you operate in the automotive, aerospace, or construction industries, the High Tensile Spring Washer is an essential element for achieving long-lasting and secure connections.

  • Material: High-carbon steel
  • Coating: Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance
  • Design: Helical shape for maintaining tension
  • Strength: High tensile strength for critical load applications
  • Standards: Complies with DIN 127 specifications

Product Details:

Type Washer
Material High Tensile Steel
Head Style Flat
Spring Type Conical, Split, Wave
Color Black
Pattern Plain
Hardness Typically Rockwell C 40 - 50
Free Length Varies Depending On Size
Surface Treatment Heat Treated
Vibration Resistance High
Application Automotive, Machinery, Construction
Features Easy To Install, Surface Protection, Rugged Construction, Cost Effective
Cost Competitive Pricing For High-quality Materials
Manufacture By Wahid Traders
Country Of Origin India

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