High Tensils Fasteners

Our High Tensils Fasteners are engineered to provide exceptional strength and durability. These fasteners are designed to withstand high levels of tension and are perfect for applications where reliability and load-bearing capacity are crucial. Made from premium-grade materials, they offer superior resistance to corrosion and are suitable for use in various industries.

  • Material: Alloy steel for enhanced strength
  • Grade: Avalable in various grades, including 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9
  • Coating Options: Black oxide, zinc-plated, or HDG
  • Load Capacity: Designed to withstand high tensile loads
  • Standards: Meets or exceeds ASTM and ISO specifications

Product Details:

Type Fasteners
Material Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel
Thread Pitch Standard Pitch Or Custom Pitch
Head Style Hexagonal, Socket
Drive Type Hex, Torx, Phillips, Slotted Etc
Strength Minimum Tensile Strength
Surface Finish Smooth
Maximum Torque Recommended Tightening Force
Color Black
Application Automotive, Construction, Aerospace
Installation Varies Depending On Fastener Type
Quantity Available In Bulk Quantities
Corrosion Proof Yes
Packaging Bulk, Boxes, Or Customized Packaging
Supplier Wahid Traders
Country Of Origin India

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