M10 And M12 Hdg Bolt Nut

Our M10 and M12 HDG Bolt Nut is a versatile fastener that combines strength and reliability. The hot-dip galvanized coating provides superior protection against rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. Available in M10 and M12 sizes, it offers flexibility to meet various fastening needs.

  • Material: High-tensile steel
  • Coating: Hot-Dip Galvanized for superior corrosion protection
  • Thread Compatibility: Precisely matched threads for secure fit
  • Strength: Meets ISO 898-1 standards for mechanical properties
  • Applications: Ideal for construction and heavy-duty applications

Product Details:

Type Bolt Nut
Material Stainless Steel
Drive Requires Wrench Or Spanner, Socket
Nominal Diameter M10 & M12
Finish Galvanized Coating
Size Available In Different Size
Nut Type Hexagonal Nut
Thread Length Depends On Bolt Length
Thread Type Metric
Strength Typically Not High-strength Bolts
Spring Washer Type Split Ring Washer
Application Automotive, Construction, Outdoor Installations, Marine
Function Creates Tight Joint By Applying Tension Between The Bolt Head
Supply By Wahid Traders
Country Of Origin India

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